Settling at the slopes of a volcano

The small expansion “De Woestijnruiters” (The Desert Riders) contains 2 volcano tiles. However, the official rules only favor grain. This would cause players to evade volcanos since the risk is much greater than a possible gain.

To increase the profit such that it’s worth taking a bit of a risk I have adjusted the rules a bit and played them a couple of times to ensure they work well.

Volcano (original idea: Bastian Schulz)

The volcano tile contains 6 number ranging from 1 to 6 in each of the corners of the hex tile. As with regular tiles, the volcano gets a number chip. However, in stead of collecting resources, the vocano errupts! Oh, Oh! DANGER! Next, you throw a single dice which decides the direction of the lava flow. You probably guessed it, the number thrown corresponds with the number on the volcano tile. That’s the crossing where you’ll find the trouble.

First the benefits

So, what can make it worth your wile to build on the slopes of a volcane? Collecting double resources!! So if you build a village on the slopes of a volcano, The 2 resources the village connects to will get you 2 in stead of 1. A city makes it even better! You’ll get 4 in stead of 2!

Next the downsides

The downside is the same as the original rule. When the lava flows towards your village it will get destroyed and you have to take the village off the board :’( Whoever, if you upgraded your village to a city and it lies in the path of the lava flow it gets deminished to a village. If you have a village left, that is. If you have none left, the city goes the way of Pompeii and is wiped off the face of the catan board. (You can just take it back, no need to really wipe it off)


Picture the following situation:

Voldano example

Red has a village on the Pasture(10)/Hills(4)/Volcano(4) intersection with volcano number 2
Blue has a city on the Mountains(9)/Fields(10/Volcano(4) intersection with volcano number 5

Here is what happens when the dice come up with a:

  • 9: Blue gets 4 ore
  • 10: Red gets 2 wool; Blue gets 4 grain
  • 4: This is where it gets interesting. A single dice is thrown. If the dice comes up with a 1, 3, 4 or 6 everybody is safe and Red gets 2 brick; if a 2 comes up, Red is in tears for the loss of a village and no brick; finally a 5 will take down Blue city and turn it into a village and Red gets 2 brick